This main task needs a special focus. It is expected that all the members of the AIF will contribute themselves generously and will help in collecting the funds from their circle in order to move forward smoothly. A committee will be appointed for this task which will work on different means/mechanism to help in collecting the funds; such as:

> Preparing one student’s full cost for one year (KAFALAT)

> Cost of uniform per student/all the students for full year

> Cost of tuition fees per student for full year

> Cost of furniture for all (one time for full year)

> Cost of syllabus books per student/all the students

> Cost of stationary items per student/all the students

> Cost of extra curricula activities – visit to different places

> Cost of food – per child for one day/one month/full year

Your Donation can change a life

Standard Chartered Bank

Title: Ansarul Ilm Welfare Foundation

Acount No. 1029212001

Branch Code: 138

IBAN: PK95SCBL0000010292120001

Branch: Peco Road Lahore

Be a Donour

Support a Child

AIF support to poor is two prongs, one is to educate and develop the children to sustain in future and other is to support their parents financially to survive in present, where it seems inevitable.

AIF look forward to you to come forward and join hands with us for this noble cause either in terms of becoming its member, donor or even well wisher but the best way to charity here is to Support a Child. Anyone can have one child for full year to cater his/her monthly expense which is not more than Rs.1500/-.

This ownership can enhance great deal of your inner satisfaction, where you can see a deprived child grooming in front of your eyes. For this you can contact AIWF office to know how to proceed for this constant charity.

The success of last year largely pivots around the financial, physical and moral support to those who are bestowed with capabilities and capacities. So in subsequent years with the addition of new batch of students every year, AIF needs more volunteers and donors.